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Newest Member of AARST Board of Directors

Radon Specialists of Wisconsin is proud to announce that Dave is officially a member of the board of directors for the Midwest Chapter of the Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists. AARST is a national organization for Radon professionals with chapters across the U.S. AARST is a think tank and a training organization. Working with the EPA and U.S. Governments, it sets the standards for the Radon industry as far as testing and mitigation.

Dave found out about this honor at the national conference in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this month. Someone nominated him for the position, then all of the national members of AARST voted. A President and Vice President along with the top five candidates were then elected to the board. Being nominated and elected was a very humbling experience for Dave.

As a member of the AARST board of directors, Dave will be attending monthly meetings where up-coming updates and changes will be addressed. The board also discusses implementing any new policies or standards. As a board member, Dave will also be invited to attend semi-annual meetings in Washington DC and the annual floating national conference.

Being a member of the AARST provides many benefits, especially staying up to date on policy changes such as acceptable Radon levels. Dave likes being informed quickly so he can protect his customers from getting a test or system that may not be up to date. Being on the board of directors only amplifies that ability of getting the most current information as quickly as possible.

Over the first few meetings Dave is looking forward to learning the ropes from the more experienced members. But with that being said, he is also excited to give his input on issues and make sure that they are addressed.


National Radon Symposium

Very excited about this years upcoming Radon symposium in Charleston, South Carolina. This has been a very busy year as we opened our 2nd location in Menomonee Falls WI. It is doing better than I had hoped. This year I will be involved with presenting three different classes at the symposium. Starting my business 15 years ago I am now considered one of the old guys. I am happy to pass on some advice to younger companies, so they can stay on the right path when it comes to Radon. My manager Chris will be helping me to keep everything going smooth while I am away.


ABC Extreme Makeover Home

A while ago we were asked to help out with the ABC Extreme Makeover Home that was built in Neenah. It turns out the family that was picked for the home attends our church.

It was a great experience. My manager Chris did most of the work, and was there for quite some time. We had to do our work between some other subs so we had to be ready to go as soon as they were done. The home was really built from foundation to roof in one week. We drive by this home every day when we drive our daughter April to middle school. It is a nice home in and out.


You Might Think You’re Saving Money on a Cheap Radon System, But…

Is saving $25-$50 dollars really worth it? Looking for a cheap Radon system?

Your looking for a Radon system to be installed. So, you need to hire a Radon company to do that. If you are selling you’re probably looking for the least expensive option. You check around and find a company that is offering a really cheap price. You think you will be saving money, but may not be. Not all Radon mitigation services are created equal – and saving a few dollars on your system installation may not be worth it. A poorly installed Radon system can be a far greater risk to your health than no system at all. That’s because a poorly installed Radon system can actually increase your Radon exposure! Click here for some examples of bad Radon system installations. The last thing you want to happen is to have the buyer not approve where the system is located or how it was installed. Maybe it doesn’t meet standards and you have to have it fixed.

If any company, regardless of whether or not they’re certified to install Radon systems, provides a written proposal that matches our warranty, Radon level guarantee, routes the system the same way, uses fire collars, and provides proof of workers comp and liability insurance, we’ll match their price. We back up our statement of “the best job at the best price” not just by saying it, but by putting it here, in writing. We can provide the lowest price because of the number of systems we install. Quality of work will not and has never been compromised.