Sealing of Sump Pits

For local homeowners or sellers who want to try to reduce Radon levels by only sealing the sump pit, and retesting. There are no guarantees that Radon levels will be reduced using this method.

Note: If Radon levels were greater than 6 pCi/L on a test taken at least 10 feet from the pit, your best option is to install an active Radon mitigation system from the start.

Sealing standard 17" pit with existing submersible pump $75
Replacing pedestal pump with 1/3 hp submersible, sealing standard 17" pit* $275
Sealing large cracks and cold joints where slab / foundation wall meet $50 / hour plus materials

* Additional charge for sealing larger sump pits. Prices do no include re-piping of ejector pipe. Some existing sump pump ejector piping may not be suitable for attaching to a new sump pump, due to size or flexibility of pipe, or if it's unsecured. Existing ejector piping must have a minimum inside diameter of 1-1/4", be secured (not wobbly), and be rigid PVC or ABS pipe. If these conditions are not present, we must install new ejector piping.

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