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Radon Videos

Watch these short educational Radon videos about the importance of having your home tested for Radon gas.

The following video section is under maintenance and the videos are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back soon – and be sure to sign up for our email updates to be notified when we have them back online.

Our Radon Removal System installation process is documented through the following videos. Clicking on a link will open the video in Windows Media Player if it’s installed on your computer. These are small snippets but should give you the overall process of how the systems are installed.

Cutting Hole Through Slab

Finish Hole Through Slab

Suction Point Cleanout

Coupler for Suction Point Installed

Preparing the Cold Joint for Caulk

Caulking the Cold Joint

Garage Install – Before

Drill Pilot Hole Through Garage Wall

Cut Hole Through Garage Wall

Using Plumb Bob to Line up Holes

Install Clamp for Vent in Basement

Pipe Through Garage Wall

Install Vent Pipe in Basement

Caulking the Suction Point

Preparing Sump Pit for Lid

Install Sump Pump Lid

Sump Pit Sealed

Install U-Tube on Vent Pipe

Attic Access – Cutting the Hole

Install Fire Collar

Vent Pipe Cut Through Ceiling

Pipe Installed in Garage

Install Fire Collar on Ceiling

Hole Cut Through Roof

Piping in Attic

Install Flashing on Roof

Cut ABS Pipe to Go Through Roof

Install Fan in Attic

Pipe Installed Through Roof

System Activated, U-Tube Shows Air Draw

Reinstall Drywall on Garage Ceiling

Drain Tile Under Slab on Outside System

Cut Hole and Install Pipe for Outside System

Cut Pipe and Install Cosmetic Flange on Outside System

Install Fitting for Fan on Outside System

Install Fan on Outside System

Use Plumb Bob and Install Clamp on Outside System

Clean and cut pipe for outside system installation

Install Pipe on Outside System

Install Fitting on Top of Vent on Outside System

U-Tube on Vent Pipe for Outside System

Outside System Completed

Video of the Outside of Our Shop

Video of Inside Our Office

Video of Inside Our Shop