Radon Testing in Fond du Lac

Northeast Wisconsin has one of the highest Radon test failure rates in the nation. Would your home pass?

Radon can be a scary thing if not properly mitigated. It is known as the silent killer and can cause a great deal of harm to you and your loved ones. It is recommended that you get your home tested for Radon every two years, but to be extra cautious, testing it every 6-12 months is preferred. Let Radon Specialists of Wisconsin help you keep your family safe. We are the Radon experts in the greater Fond du Lac area (Fond du Lac, Rosendale, North Fond du Lac).

FACT: Between five and ten percent of the homes in Wisconsin have Radon levels above the US EPA guideline of 4 pCi/L for the year average on the main floor. Every region of Wisconsin has some homes with elevated radon levels, including Fond du Lac.

Yes! We test in the Fond du Lac area!

We test with Continuous Radon Monitors. They measure and print hourly readings, along with an overall average reading. Our 24 monitors are calibrated annually by an EPA approved lab. They're also spot checked throughout the year to ensure they haven’t strayed from acceptable accuracy levels.

Free Radon Testing in Fond du Lac

Our  Radon Test Program for homeowners is completely free if you check-out a monitor at our office. It is $75 if we bring it to you. Your home must be within 30 miles of our office. There is no obligation or high pressure tactics if you do test high. But if we end up installing a system for you the fee is waived. We want to motivate people who  haven't tested their homes.

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We Are a Nationally Certified Radon Removal Company

Radon Specialists of Wisconsin offers the highest quality Radon system install at the best possible price … guaranteed!

If you’re anywhere in Wisconsin, our service area includes YOU.