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Radon in Water

EZ95 top viewAccording to the information available on the EPA website, safe Radon levels in water should be 4000 pCi/L or less.

We sell and install AIRaider Radon in Water Systems for private water wells.

AIRaider EZ95(TM)The AIRaider EZ95 is just over 3 1/2 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet wide, and 2 2/3 feet long. This attractive and quiet system removes up to 95% of Radon from water. Double wall of foam eliminates ‘sweating’.

Unique design includes:EZ95 side view

  • Blower cover
  • Built-in water hammer arrester
  • Maintains negative pressure to avoid Radon leakage into living areas
  • 2 EZ Failsafe Floats prevent extreme water level fluctuations
  • Audible alarm sounds if aeration process is interrupted
  • Safety thermostat with neon indicator light and manual over-ride button prevents excessive overheating if the pump fails to shut off
  • Installation price $5350


433-S50XThe AIRaider 433-S50X is a submersible pump with an unobtrusive, compact design. At 35 inches tall, 34 1/4 inches wide and 22 inches long, this pump can be easily installed with no additional pumps or pi433-S50X side viewpes.

  • Easy maintenance, fully accessible for easy cleaning
  • Built-in pump reduces audible level of pump noise
  • Hands-free start up
  • Electrical panels can be mounted on either side for left or right side connections
  • Installation price $5800

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