Radon in Water

According to the information available on the EPA website, safe Radon levels in water should be 4000 pCi/L or less.

We sell and install AIRaider Radon in Water Systems for private water wells.

AIRaider EZ95

$5350 Installed
  • AIRaider EZ95(TM)Attractive and Quiet System Measuring Just Over 3-1/2' tall, 2-1/2' wide, 2-2/3' long.
  • Removes up to 95% of Radon in Water
  • EZ95 top viewDouble Wall of Foam Eliminates Sweating
  • Unique Design Includes:
  • - Blower Cover
  • - Built-In Water Hammer Arrester
  • EZ95 side view- Maintains Negative Pressure to Avoid Radon Leakage into Living Areas
  • - 2 EZ Failsafe Floats Prevent Extreme Water Level Fluctuations
  • - Audible Alarm Sounds if Aeration Process is Interrupted
  • - Safety Thermostat with Neon Indicator Light and Manual Over-ride Button Prevents Overheating if the Pump Fails to Shut Off

AIRaider 433-S50X

$5800 Installed
  • 433-S50X side viewSubmersible Pump with an Unobtrusive, Compact Design
  • At 35" tall, 34-1/4" wide, 22" long, it can be easily installed without additional pumps or pipes.
  • - Easy Maintenance, Fully Accessible for Easy Cleaning
  • - Hands-free Start Up
  • 433-S50X- Electrical Panels can be Mounted on Either Side for Left or Right Side Connections

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