Radon Mitigation in Madison

Due to its unique geology, Madison and the surrounding area has one of the highest radon test failure rates in the nation. Would your Madison area home pass a radon test?

Radon can be a scary thing if not properly mitigated. It is known as the "silent killer" and can cause a great deal of harm to you and your loved ones. It is recommended that you get a radon home test done for your home every two years, but to be extra cautious testing your home for radon every 6 to 12 months is preferred. Let Radon Specialists of Wisconsin help you keep your family safe. We are the radon mitigation experts in the greater Madison area (Madison, Middleton, Fitchburg, Stoughton, Sun Prairie).

Radon Mitigation Madison
The danger of radon gas in our homes.

FACT: Between five and ten percent of the homes in Wisconsin have radon levels above the US EPA guideline of 4 pCi/L for the year average on the main floor. Every region of Wisconsin has some homes with elevated radon levels, including Madison and surrounding towns.

Yes! We can mitigate radon in the Madison area!

We guarantee that the Active Mitigation System will bring your home’s radon level to 3.9 pCi/L (EPA recommended) or below. Many homes will be guaranteed to be 1.9 pCi/L or below at no additional cost. Your radon level guarantee is in writing; in your contract. We will match the price of any properly certified, insured competitor who offers the same level of service (item for item) with a copy of their written proposal!

Contact us today to setup an appointment for a Radon system at 866-569-7236. If your in-home radon test results are high, we want to help you with every step of radon mitigation in Madison. Radon Specialists of Wisconsin is here to help homeowners from radon detection to radon mitigation.

We Are a Nationally Certified Radon Removal Company

Radon Specialists of Wisconsin offers the highest quality Radon system install at the best possible price … guaranteed!

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