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Prices for Radon Mitigation Systems (Existing Homes)

Active Moisture Control/Radon system, outside.
(home with Submersible sump pump routed to the outside, gravel under slab)
Active Moisture Control / Radon System, inside
(home with submersible sump pump, system routed through garage, gravel under slab)
Conversion of Passive System$600
Homes with sand or clay will need a high vacuum fan ... Add$100
To replace pedestal sump pump with 1/3 hp submersible type at time of system install,
attaching to existing piping, does not include re-piping ejector pipe ... Add
$150 - $200, depending on which pump you want
Re-piping of sump pump piping to the outside $50 - $75
Additional Suction Points at Time of System Install ... Add $250 min.
Additional Suction Points If Ordered Separate from System Install... Add
($350 or "time & materials" for homes with extra long runs, or homes requiring difficult installs which require more labor time (such as multiple-level homes.)
$350 min.
Electrical permit if needed for your municipality add$50-$75

These prices are for typical installations. Prices may change upon inspection. Final price will be determined on sub-slab type material, drain tile configuration, local electrical / permit costs, treating crawl spaces, and travel time. A written proposal will be provided at time of inspection.


Prices for Radon Mitigation System (New Construction)

Active Moisture Control System$550 - $750
Passive System: Fox Valley / Oshkosh / Green Bay / Fond du Lac areas, and beyond
(Passive system has no fan, carries no guarantee, but is set up so that it can be made active at a later date, if desired.)
$350 - $550

These prices are based on typical stick construction homes. New construction is less expensive as it’s considerably easier to install a Radon mitigation system during construction. Fewer materials are also needed on a new construction installation. The excavator/plumber is responsible for installing a sealed sump pump pit. An electrician is required to install a light fixture with a grounded outlet near the vent pipe penetration during rough-in. We would need to be at the home during the plumbing rough-in stage of construction. Also, for new construction we can not guarantee that Radon levels will be low initially. We have had plumbers attach their vents to our systems by mistake and some homes have had drainage issues that have prevented our systems from working properly. If we need to do additional work because of this we will charge extra. We will also point you in the right direction of how it may be fixed by those responsible. (who should cover their own work)

Radon System Maintenance Package

Customers that are within 40 miles of our office areas can purchase a four-year maintenance package for a one-time fee of only $200 or lifetime for $300. The maintenance includes an annual inspection to check your fan for bug larvae and to make sure all the clamps and pipes in your installation are tight and in good order. Also included: One unscheduled trip per year to clear or clean an ice cap from your vent, if needed. Learn more about our Radon System Maintenance Package.

General Labor Pricing

General labor charges: $75/hour per person

Materials will be billed at the current retail rate of purchase from our suppliers.