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But it’s a Moisture System

A great side benefit to getting a Radon system is that it can help reduce moisture in the basement, which in turn will effect the whole house. If you have gravel as a sub slab material or capillary break under the basement slab it will have the best effect, just as it will also get you the lowest Radon levels vs. just having sand or clay under the slab. If a Moisture system is installed just to reduce moisture it still has to be installed properly.

What I have seen the past few years is companies going into a home that has a Radon issue and installing a system incorrectly and then calling it a “Moisture” system. Thinking they don’t have to install it up to standards because they labeled it by another name. I cant name names but the certified company that did this a few months ago has a a location in North Appleton and Green Bay.

No matter what you call the system, when you are venting soil gases, which you will be doing with a Moisture system, the same standards have to be met/kept. The fan cannot be in livable space, including the basement. And, the vent has to be a minimum of ten feet above grade and two feet above any openings that are within ten feet of the vent. These standards are in place to protect the occupants from any high exposures to any soil gases. Even if you have not tested high for Radon, and you get a Moisture system high levels of Radon will be coming out of that vent.

Lets say you tested at 2.0 for Radon, which is well below the 3.9 or below threshold for a pass. Well, that is what made it into the basement, moving through the concrete slab. What is under the slab could be 200, and that is what will be coming out of that vent and fan if it leaks while inside the home or basement. Not to mention whatever other gases may be present.  The standards are in place to protect you. So, if you are venting soil gases make sure the system meets standards for your protection.


Vent Cannot be at ground level

Moisture fan cannot be in basement