How to Read Radon Test Results

It's important to examine your Radon test results carefully. The following image shows a printout from a test we ran recently. Note the explanation for each section so that you can determine whether or not your own Radon tests results are valid.

A print out showing how to read radon test results.

By looking at the test printout you can determine if the radon tests results are valid or not. Let's say the levels were high for the first 4-10 hours then a "T" and a "P" showed up with levels dropping quickly for the next 24 -30 hours.

Then another "T" and "P" pop up with levels going back up. Those kind of things would show that someone unplugged the monitor and moved it to an area so the levels would go down and then put the radon tester back before the testing company came back to pick it up. It is very rare for someone to tamper with a test for Radon and Real Estate transactions, but it has happened.

Also, outside air levels average 0.4 pCi/L. Consider that the basement is the entry point for Radon, and will almost always be the area where your Radon tests results will be the highest. If the home does not have an Active Radon system in it how could the basement have levels of 0.2, 0.0 or 0.3 ? The answer is it's almost impossible. A home with an active system will sometimes get readings like that but the average home is between 0.4 and 1.0.

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