Crucial Info About Homes with Radon for Home Buyers & Sellers

Home Buyers:

How do you know the home you're buying has been tested accurately for Radon, and that the Radon system installed isn't a fire hazard or so poorly installed that you're not protected from Radon after all?

Home Sellers:

How can you be sure the home you're selling is safe, and that at some point you won't be required to re-install a new Radon system for the interested buyer of your home?

There is only one way buyers and sellers can know they've done their due diligence regarding Radon and the danger it represents: Hire a professional Radon company.

Get a Radon Test by a certified Radon company. And, make sure that they can provide proof of calibration. Radon monitors need to be calibrated a minimum of once per year.

Also, ensure a witness sees that the tester is cleared or "zero'd" out for a fresh test. Lastly have a witness verify what the level is before the tester is unplugged.

If a Radon system is needed, only hire a certified mitigation company so you know it will done right. The last thing you want is to find out the system installed does not meet standards and the buyers will not accept it. That will cost you much more in the long run.

Learn how to protect yourselves and your loved ones by following the links above.

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