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Health Effects of Radon

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), evidence demonstrates a link between lung cancer and high concentrations of radon. Radon is considered a significant indoor air contaminant in geographic areas where radon is present in high concentrations (such as in Northeast Wisconsin).

Radon Exposure Affects Health Wherever You Live

radon lung cancer
Radon effects suburban homes.

Radon in the News

Feb 10, 2011 Video Link from the Dr. Oz Show: The #1 Cancer Risk at Home, Pt 1.

Read Radon: A Danger in Your Home by Rebecca Morley, Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing


Unsafe Levels of Toxic Radon Gas Found in Half of Households in the Fox Cities – Dec. 2, 2010 Post Crescent Article

Radon Levels Higher in NE Wisconsin – Jan 4, 2011 Fox 11 Report

“Prescription for Radon” speaks about the dangers of radon.

Exposure to Radon gas had a high cost for this South Carolina family. Follow the links to view a touching three-part news report on WYFF4.com.

Part 1 – A 38 year old mom learns she has lung cancer caused by Radon exposure.

Part 2 – Dying parents leave legacy of memories.

Part 3 – Mom loses battle with Radon caused cancer.

Resources to Learn More About Radon

Heartland Radon Research and Education Program (HRREP)

Information about the Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Study from the University of Iowa College of Public Health

National Environmental Health Administration
This organization trains contractors and others about Radon.

NRPP’s Radon Page
List of Approved Contractors for Radon work

EPA Brochure
Government organization covering Environmental concerns

National Radon Safety Board
Another organization that trains and certifies for Radon Measurement & Mitigation

Wisconsin Radon Program
Wisconsin’s Radon Program-List Contractors

American Association of Radon Scientists & Technologists
Organization of Radon Professionals

American Lung Association
Click on Indoor Air Quality

The National Safety Council
Type in Radon under Search

Cancer Survivors Against Radon

National Cancer Institute
Type in Radon under Search