Free Radon Test Program

Learn how to read Radon test results.

This Radon test program is for any homeowner or buyer. It's a good idea if you are selling your home and want to take a proactive approach before it goes on the market, for your own peace of mind.

Radon Test Results Report

If your home tests low or high for Radon you will receive a written report. We always recommend that the buyer hire a third party to conduct a Radon test. However, if that is not possible. We will also ensure safeguards are in place to make the test is accurate and fair for everyone involved.

If your home tests high and you were to install a Radon mitigation system, you would have a guarantee that any future Radon tests would come back under the EPA recommended levels. Having a high Radon level is something that could hold up the sale of your home, if you find out it does have a  problem near your closing date.

Radon Test is Free Within 30 Miles of Our Neenah and Milwaukee Offices

There is no obligation or high pressure tactics if you do test high. But if we end up installing a system the test fee is waived. We want to motivate people who haven't tested their homes yet.

Here's how it works:

Call us at 844-569-7236 in the Milwaukee area or 866-569-7236 for the Fox Valley/Oshkosh/Green Bay area to set up an appointment for us to deliver a Radon monitor to you. Or, come to our office to check out a Radon monitor for free. Our hours of operation are 8am to 6pm M-F.  Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Radon Test Monitor Placement

If you opt for the Radon monitor being delivered to you, we'll spend a few minutes with you at the drop off, to pick the best area to test, based on where your family spends time. If your basement is used for TV viewing, as an office or recreation area, then that is where the test should be conducted. If you only use the basement for storage and laundry, and spend only an hour or two per week there, then the Radon monitor should be placed on the first floor.

We'll Show You How it Works

We will start the test and show you how to take readings on the monitor as the test is being conducted. Since you can view readings during the test, you'll know what your Radon level is before we come back to pick up the monitor. Before we leave your home, we'll set up a time and date to return to pick up the monitor.  If you check-out a Radon monitor, we'll provide you with written instructions so that you perform the test correctly.

Next Steps

If your home tests high or low, we'll provide a printout showing the hourly readings, and a proposal showing what it would cost to install a Radon mitigation system. If you test high, we hope you will want to lower your levels, and we hope you choose us to install the system. But we will never pressure anyone to do so. Our reputation is more important to us.

You are under no obligation to fix a Radon problem, but the EPA strongly recommends that any homes with Radon levels above 3.9 pCi/L have their Radon problem fixed. We would like to be the company you hire, based on our guarantees, reputation, and price. Again, you'll be under no obligation to hire us. We're not into arm twisting or high pressure.

Calibrated Radon Test Equipment

Just so we're clear ... the Radon monitors we use don't allow any tampering by an unscrupulous company. No numbers can be manually punched in by anyone, so you can be certain that the Radon levels shown on the printout are the actual Radon levels in your home. Our monitors are calibrated by an approved EPA lab on an annual basis, plus we conduct duplicate testing throughout the year just to be sure that no monitor has fallen out of calibration. We do these things to maintain our certification through the NEHA.

Raising Public Awareness of Radon

Our goal for this program is to raise public awareness of Radon, while hopefully treating the homes that test high.

Northeast Wisconsin has one of the highest Radon test failure rates in the nation. I have spoken with and visited homes of people that are dying of lung cancer, but have never smoked, worked outside the home or been exposed to asbestos. Their homes did test high for Radon gas.

One person's doctor even told her the lung cancer was probably caused by Radon. So it's possible that if they knew they had a Radon problem early on, and had it fixed, they would not have had cancer.

Remember that 12-hours prior to us dropping off the Radon monitor, you'll need to close all the windows and doors. This equalizes the air pressure in the home and simulates conditions when the home is closed up to run the heat or the air conditioning. Normal entry and exiting is permitted. The closed house condition must be maintained throughout the test to get accurate results.

Only one free test per home is being offered. Any follow-up tests will be the responsibility of the home owner.

Learn how to read Radon test results.

Please call us with any questions: 844-569-7236 in the Milwaukee area or 866-569-7236 for the Fox Valley/Oshkosh/Green Bay area. (we do not test the Madison area)

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