Extras and Upgrades

Insulate Pipe with Black Foam Insulation to Prevent Condensation in Garage $20 / 6-foot Section at Time of Install
Checkpoint IIA Mitigation System Alarm Audible alarm: green and red LED lights; factory preset to activate at .25″ WC vacuum pressure; low voltage $75
Even Lower Radon Level Guarantee Upgrade:
Some homeowners want Radon levels even lower than the EPA recommended 3.9 pCi/L. This upgrade guarantees your home to average 1.0 pCi/L or below. Note that some fluctuations are to be expected in day-to-day testing, so this special guarantee is only available for homes tested with an Alpha Trac long term test.
'Extra Peace of Mind' Lifetime Service Package Upgrade: Upgrade from our 4-year Radon system maintenance package to our ‘Extra Peace of Mind’ lifetime system check. It includes one free trip to your home to check the system and fan for bugs. (Radon testing not included.) $500 if purchased at time of original contract
Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector:
Numeric LED indicator, .1-999.9 pCi/L; Displays updates hourly; Daily self-test of electronics and sensor. An essential component of any radon system installed in a home where the worried homeowner wishes to monitor post-mitigation radon levels. Designed for homeowner use. Ionization sensor with audible alarm. Short-term and long-term radon level averages displayed after 48 hours. Hourly beeps if long-term radon levels are 4 pCi/L or higher.

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