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Education, one of the key and most important ingrediants to quality. View the pic posted. Even if a homeowner wanted us to do this we would not, because we know what the outcome would be. This is what you can see. I wonder how the inside of the attic and the bottom of the roof are fairing.

What you see on the soffit is what is coming from under the basement slab. Moisture, Dirt and everything else that is in the soil. Besides that it looks horrible. Yuck.

Our installers are all highly trained and educated. This helps them to maintain their certification. Have we ever installed a system below the roof for aesthetics? Yes, with a signed waiver from the owner. And, we make sure the cone of air coming out of the pipe would not be able to blow moist air onto any surfaces.



Mold, Dirt and Everything Else that is under the slab in basement.