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Education, one of the key and most important ingrediants to quality. View the pic posted. Even if a homeowner wanted us to do this we would not, because we know what the outcome would be. This is what you can see. I wonder how the inside of the attic and the bottom of the roof are fairing.

What you see on the soffit is what is coming from under the basement slab. Moisture, Dirt and everything else that is in the soil. Besides that it looks horrible. Yuck.

Our installers are all highly trained and educated. This helps them to maintain their certification. Have we ever installed a system below the roof for aesthetics? Yes, with a signed waiver from the owner. And, we make sure the cone of air coming out of the pipe would not be able to blow moist air onto any surfaces.



Mold, Dirt and Everything Else that is under the slab in basement.



Hire a Radon Company that knows the Codes

Hire a Radon company that knows the codes.

Just saw this system. Look at the two pics. The installing company did not know what the building codes are. We are not allowed to cut out the bottom of a joist. It takes away the structural integrity of the joist. The way it has to be repaired is to place a steel plate on both sides of the joist and then bolt them onto it. The will no longer allow space for the Radon vent. The owners, who are selling the home found this out upon the home inspection. The piping on the other side is now behind finished space, which means they have to cut that apart and repair it also to remove the piping. Then a new Radon vent has to be installed from scratch. All because the other company did not know what the codes were. This comes down to proper training when getting certified to install Radon systems. That is the beginning. From there one has to be trained on what they can and can not cut through. Do your research. Hire a company that has proper training. We at Radon Specialists of Wisconsin have. In addition to being certified for Radon I am also a licensed builder. We know the codes.


A Compliment is the best Recommendation

This is the best compliment.

This has actually happened a few times over the years. The only other thing I have recommended when what we do might not work is to install an HRV. That is a heat recovery ventilator. It also exchanges the air in the home.

A few weeks ago we received a call from a potential customer that they needed an estimate for a Radon mitigation system. He told us that he had another company out and that company recommended he call us regarding installing a Radon Mitigation System. The company did not think they would be able to handle the radon system or be able to get it to work with his home. Granted the home was older, but it would actually be a fairly simple radon system. Just a more difficult one than average. So, if other radon companies recommend us out, don’t you think we should be the company installing your Radon system? A great compliment being referred by your competition.

As a follow up we installed the system at the home. It was a little more difficult, but nothing we haven’t done before. System is working properly and we are confident it will lower levels. But you know what? If it doesn’t then we will be back to find out why and work till it does.





New Study on Radon Health Effects

More health effects of Radon gas.

A new article has come out to show that Radon exposure has links to other blood cancers, such as leukemia. Here is a link to this article.
New Radon Article

Please share this information with anyone who has not tested their home yet for Radon. Every home should be tested.
For years we have known that Radon causes lung cancer. Customers always ask me if Radon can cause any other health concerns. I have always said we suspect that it does, because it is a form of radiation, but we don’t know for sure. Now there is more information pointing to the fact that Radon can cause other health effects.

Some types of skin cancer have also been linked to Radon exposure. And no studies have been concluded but scientists were looking in Alzheimer’s disease and links to Radon. The reason, while breathing air in through the nostrils as it passes by near the brain if Radon is shooting off radiation is it changing the brain?


Radon Training

This is why proper training is so important.

Received a call yesterday. A couple is selling their home, and needed a Radon system. The first company made several trips, used 2 inch pipe, seven suction points and the biggest fan he could get. Still testing in the 20’s. 2nd company replaced pipe with 3 inch, eliminated 2 suction points, and pulled out gravel to make an actual suction point. Same fan. Still testing in the 20’s. Company now plans on installing some drain tile under slab. Did I say there was gravel under it? I asked potential customer if either company did any smoke tests or communication tests with a hand held electronic device. No, they didn’t. So these companies ideas is to Swiss cheese a slab and put on the biggest air fan possible and keep on charging the customer and hope something works but never do any diagnostic tests to see what’s causing the system to not lower levels.

When my manager Brandon arrived he could hear the air leaking at the cold joint. We did a smoke test, some caulking and then started a new test. Levels came down below 4. We saved the customer quite a bit of money by doing the simplest of tests. I think the first two companies should return some money to the customer.

Both companies are certified. This is why we need to require longer hands on training before someone gets certified to mitigate Radon.


Did you see our last blog?

Did you see my last blog. I just addressed something like this happening.

We were called to check on a system installed by another company because it was not lowering the Radon levels sufficiently. The installing company would not come back unless they were paid up front. Nice. (This goes hand in hand with my last blog) We made an appointment to come back to the home to basically fix everything on it. Look at the quality of work that is being done out there. Using hole saw biscuits to prop up a pipe for pitch? I’m sorry for the strong language here, but this IMG_0347

IMG_5913is just crap. How can you install something like this and take someones money. My brain does not function that way. My installers would never do this because they are trained properly, and would be fired if they did. If you run out of studs to use, you make a trip to the store and get some more. Also, the piping. Clearly not schedule 40. The 90 degree turn is way too sharp and greatly reduces air flow. Not to mention the flimsy pipe will produce a lot more noise. We will post more pics after the system is fixed.


Paying too little or Paying too much.

Paying to little or paying too much?

I went to a builders show a few weeks ago, as I am also a licensed home builder. Side note… I have built and sold 2 homes in my first year. I am starting my 3rd home in a few weeks. My ultimate goal is to build 20 homes per year and each one will have active Radon systems in them. They will also be very energy efficient and comfortable.
Anyway, at this show a quote was shared by John Ruskin. Here is his quote.

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When
you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay
too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you
bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The
common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a
lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well
to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will
have enough to pay for something better.”

― John Ruskin

You can Google John Ruskin. He has more quotes if would like to read them.

The one thing I always strive to do is put in the best possible Radon system for the best possible price while maintaining that quality. If I can build the business, have properly trained employees install the systems, and buy in bulk we can have a good mix of both. I accept that we are not always the least expensive system. That’s not the bottom line here. Just offer the best price you while maintaining the highest quality.


Happy New Year 2016!

Happy new year! 2015 went by so fast. There were some major events for us in 2015. First,we added our third office in Sun Prairie, WI. We hired another installer for our office in Menomonee Falls. And I built and sold my first spec house in Neenah. And yes, it has an active Radon system in it. It was also a record setting year for us. We installed over 1500 Radon systems. Which is fantastic. My ultimate goal is to get to 2000 per year. Lastly, I was voted to the AARST national board and appointed communications chair person. Very grateful for all that happened this past year. Our main goal is still to provide the best quality systems at a reasonable price. And then to back up our work in case anything happens. All we have is our reputation. I intend on keeping it a good one. We all hope you have a great and happy 2016!


“They Made Me Cry!”

They mad her cry?

I can’t believe I am writing this. We received a call yesterday from a woman who had another company test her home for Radon. The test came back elevated. She knew she had a passive Radon system installed when the home was constructed. So, she only needed a simple conversion of the passive system to make the Radon system active to lower the Radon level. She began to ask the company questions about how this would be done and what if any issues could possibly arise. She admitted that she did not know much about Radon or Radon systems or construction. For whatever reason this other company basically told her she was stupid, belittled her and just plain made her feel terrible. When she called us and started to explain to us what happened, she began to cry. We promised her that the general public did not know much about Radon, that she was not alone,  and that we were here to help. After our conversation, we booked her conversion. I just can’t believe a company that is out there to get business, no matter what industry it is, would treat a potential customer so poorly. We treat everyone the same here, no matter your position in life or your knowledge of Radon. Feel free to ask questions. I will get you the right answers. I will only make you cry because you will be so happy with our work.



Researching Radon Companies Pays Off

Researching Radon companies is a good idea.

An employee from the Fond du Lac county health department called us a few weeks ago regarding a Radon System. Her daughter recently purchased a home and needed a Radon system. This health department is also a regional Radon office for Wisconsin. This employee called us after she had done extensive researching on which company they would like to install their daughters system. I am proud that they chose us to be that company. I believe in quality from the top down and from the bottom up. Each system has to be installed as if our business future depended on it, because it really does. And then be there, and back up the system if anything should happen down the road. If you are in the market for a Radon system, please check us out and really compare apples to apples. Hopefully you will reach the same conclusion as this customer did.