Saving Money

Every home in Wisconsin should be tested for Radon. Get the information you need to mitigate radon exposure in Northeast Wisconsin. These posts will help you save money on your radon system installation.

Since I started this business, I have tried to charge everyone the same price based on a few variables.

  • Does the system get routed to the outside, or through an attached garage and roof?
  • Do we have to install a new sump pump?  Will one suction point do the job or are two needed?

Most Radon mitigation systems cost $800 – $1400 depending on where you are located and what we have to do to get the system installed properly. To be honest, some system have cost more. But those are the exceptions not the norm.

A Bigger Radon Fan? Bigger is Better Right?

A gimmick that has gone around for a while with Radon systems and companies trying to convince you to go with them is to up-sell you a bigger Radon fan. In our society bigger seems to always be better or the thing to do. Well, with Radon systems there is only a few cases when a…

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Paying too little or Paying too much.

Paying to little or paying too much? I went to a builders show a few weeks ago, as I am also a licensed home builder. Side note… I have built and sold 2 homes in my first year. I am starting my 3rd home in a few weeks. My ultimate goal is to build 20…

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We’re Growing and Proud of it.

We’re growing. It has been a very busy summer. This is another record year for us. With three offices now, we have installed more radon systems than ever. I have to compliment our staff. Everyone here tries to do the best job they can. I get good comments on a pretty regular basis. I am…

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Don’t build over your sump pit

Because of the type of work we do, we run into things that we know can come back to haunt you as a home owner. If you are considering finishing off the basement, which is great because of the extra space you will have, there will be one thing that you will not want to…

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I can get someone Cheaper to do the same job

Today I received a call from an Realty agent. He said the buyers had requested our company by name. I said, “great, that’s what keeps us in business.” He then said if it were up to him he would have someone else do it because he knows he could have it done cheaper. I agreed…

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy new year everyone. Thank you for your business in 2011. We finished the year with 781 Radon systems install and almost 700 Radon tests conducted. We get most of our work by word of mouth, so again, thank you to everyone who helped us in 2011. A few costs are going up on our…

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Radon Systems

I just want to thank everyone who has used our services. I truly believe that by being involved in this business that we are helping to save lives. To-date we have installed over 6,000 Radon systems. If eight out of a thousand get lung cancer from Radon then we saved 48 lives, in theory. I…

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From Customer “can you match another companies price?”

The answer is, depends. When we give a quote  the price includes installing all the necessary components of a Radon system. One of the biggest things I see being left off Radon systems is Fire Collars. When routing a pipe through a fire wall, such as the wall between the home and garage that is…

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We are an Honest Business

A very disturbing event happened last Sunday. A builder and their Realty agent received emails from a “potential buyer.” They stated that they walked through a home to take a look at it, and that two of my employees were working there. When asking about the builders house, this person claimed that my employees had…

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