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Whats a Free Test Worth?

We have a free test program for home owners to test their home for their own benefit or if they are selling.  And what is that worth?

When someone is selling their home, they normally are not going to call up a Radon company and ask to have a test. If they have never tested their home, then they have no knowledge of what their levels are, so nothing to disclose. It is the buyers responsibility to ask for a Test.

Sellers may ask what the motivation is when they find out a “Free” Radon test is being conducted on the home they are selling. So, take a look at the picture of where this Radon monitor is placed, for a Free test on a realty transaction. The home inspector sent it to me to ask if this was proper. The testing protocols require a test to be at least 12 inches from any wall to avoid what is called the “plate out” affect which could bias a test on the high side. Also, testers should not be in the utility area, but rather livable space or potential livable space, which would never be in the utility area.

What is this test worth?
Wrong Test Location


Correct Location to Test for Radon

Not sure what location in your home should be best to test for radon? Watch this video below to learn why it’s very important to test your home in the correct spot.

I have some other good videos out there also on our website. Look under the video drop down menu on the home page. When it comes to testing for Radon you need to get picky. If a test is placed in the wrong area or level of the home you might be basing a mitigation decision on wrong information. Which, means a financial decision could be based on wrong information. So, to me, placing the test in the right location, the right time is the most important part of the whole process.


Is You’re System Working

From time to time I will get calls from customers asking if there is anything they should do regarding their Radon system. The good news about Radon systems is that if they are running and quiet, there is not much to really do for maintenance. But you still need to make sure the system is working properly.

What should be done on a semi-annual basis though is to conduct a home Radon test, just to make sure Radon levels have not crept back up somehow. Most of the time levels will still be low, but there have been rare occasions when we had to go back and address an issue that a customer was not aware of to bring levels back down. Their system was working but, a crack developed in the basement slab or a gap opened up at the cold joint. One home owner had taken his sump pump pit lid off and forgot to put it back on the pit and re-seal it.

So, remember to do a Radon test every couple of years to make sure your Radon system is doing it’s job. Chances are the test will come back low. If it doesn’t then give us a call, whether it is our system or not we can take care of it.


Tight Fit

Here’s a tight fit. We have been installing between 5-7 systems per day for quite a while. Most systems are very simple systems. Here are two pics to show that we can put them in very tight spots when there are no obstacles. And, yes there is enough clearance behind heater vent. Simple systems are great, we love them. But as you will see on other pages of our website we specialize in the tough installs. There are been many occasions when other companies have literally packed their bags and left a home and said “call Radon Specialists”. They will be able to figure this one out for you. This is beyond us.  Oh, and I have to show my new truck. First new vehicle for business ever.

basement pic 6-28-13

garage pic 06-28-13

2013-06-28 15.13.48


Testing a Mobile Home

I received a call yesterday from someone who wanted to use our coupon for testing a mobile home. When I was taking the address he mentioned a lot number. I asked if this was a new home, he said no “it’s a mobile home”.  I then asked if his mobile home was attached to a foundation, like a crawl space or basement, even a slab. He said “no”.  The good news is, I told him, is that you don’t have to test for Radon. You have open air under your home, it’s impossible for you to have elevated Radon. He still wanted to test, because it was supposed to be free. I told him that because we already know his levels would be pretty much be the same as outside air or lower that we would not be making a trip to him home. So, if your home is a tent, or an ice shanty on the lake or a mobile home you can rest easy that you will not have a Radon problem. But, if your mobile home is attached to a foundation, which I have seen, then you should test because even though the chances would be lower, you could still have a Radon problem.


Unbelievable Day

Last Wednesday was an Unbelievable Day. I was asked to go look at a Radon system that was just recently installed. The new owner did not think it looked right. So, I went to take a look. Wow! I could not believe what I saw. This system was installed by a local, “certified” company. They broke about 6 or 7 codes and Radon venting standards. The biggest thing is that the Radon fan was in the basement. When you get certified, this is about the 1st thing you learn not to do. Among other things they did not install fire collars on the pipe in the garage, they used an electrical splitter on the single outlet for the sump pump to also plug in the fan. The flashing was not installed properly. The company then told the customer that it was  a “moisture” system, so they could put the fan where ever they wanted. (even though this was for Realty and the home had tested high for Radon) Best price? Yeah, they got what they paid for. Now the system has to be completely redone. What a great service that company is doing to the public, and they are certified. Wow, what an unbelievable day.


Did you really check out that Radon company?

Two things happened within the last week. The first was an angry customer that called me complaining about the initial price quoted, and the final bill that he received.  Turns out he was calling the wrong Radon company. He explained how he was quoted a very low price, but by the time they installed the system, and upgraded his guarantee that his bill was much higher. He got his companies mixed up because we had quoted him a system also. Our final quote was $750. The other Radon company originally quoted $540, but by the time they were done the price was $900! If he had gone with us he would have had what he wanted with no price changes. Please compare quotes item per item, then make your decision.

The second thing that happened was we had to remove an improperly installed system in Green Bay. Have you seen the cable show Holmes on Homes? Well, we consider ourselves the Radon Gurus of our area. We have fixed and replaced many Radon systems over the years. What really irks me is a certified Radon company out of Green Bay installed the system we replaced. The customer paid us $700 to remove the existing system and install a new one, and patch their roof. We were able to reuse two of the holes cut, but everything else had to be changed. This customer paid dearly in the long run. Why was the other company hired? The person seemed like a nice guy and the price was a little lower. Check out the company you are going to hire, no matter what the work might be. Get references, check out their shop/business, and go see their work. Make sure they are following local laws and codes. Does their work vehicle even say who they are? Hiring a company that does anything on the side is a big risk.


Radon Removal is Our Main Focus

Our fleet of trucks.We are the only business in the northeast Wisconsin area that provides Radon removal systems and moisture abatement services full-time. We own all our equipment, so there are no scheduling delays around rental equipment availability. We can even provide next day service in emergency situations. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, offering only the best products and professional installation.

We are the ONLY Wisconsin-based company with seven certified employees dedicated to Radon mitigation and testing. We’re also the  certified by the NEHA,  an active member of AARST, and the Valley Home Builders Association, Brown County Home Builders Association, National Builders Association, Wisconsin Builders Association and Northeast Wisconsin Realtors Association.