Radon Remediation Fails

It’s true that you get what you pay for. No matter where in Wisconsin you call home – Appleton, Kaukauna, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac or surrounding areas – the examples below show what can happen when your Radon remediation contractor lacks experience. These are Radon mitigation fails – improperly installed systems that beyond not fixing the problem, can actually cause harm to you and your family.

New Pics of Poor Radon Systems

From time to time home inspectors will share pics of radon systems they see out there. Sometimes they will have questions about a radon system or just forward them to let me know what is going on out there in the Radon world. The first two pics are of Poor Radon System that was just…

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Did you see our last blog?

Did you see my last blog. I just addressed something like this happening. We were called to check on a system installed by another company because it was not lowering the Radon levels sufficiently. The installing company would not come back unless they were paid up front. Nice. (This goes hand in hand with my…

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“They Made Me Cry!”

They mad her cry? I can’t believe I am writing this. We received a call yesterday from a woman who had another company test her home for Radon. The test came back elevated. She knew she had a passive Radon system installed when the home was constructed. So, she only needed a simple conversion of…

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This is Fraud! No doubt about it.

Fraud. How can anyone live with themselves doing this? A few weeks ago I was asked to evaluate a Radon system that did not seem to be functioning properly. This was for a home that was being sold. It was not our system. The company that installed the system wanted $150 to come take a…

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Radon Testing Fraud

As I always say, no matter what the trade is, buyer beware. Check the company out that you want to hire and ask the right questions, no matter what type of work is being performed. People can be very charming. But once you ask them questions and for proof to back up their statements do…

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Another Example of What Not to do

Radon Levels and Your System We recently were called to take a look at a system where Radon levels were not getting below 4. This was a realty transaction system, and again the seller was opting for the least expensive system, which they got from another company. When we arrived we noticed that the home…

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