Radon Remediation Fails

It’s true that you get what you pay for. No matter where in Wisconsin you call home – Appleton, Kaukauna, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac or surrounding areas – the examples below show what can happen when your Radon remediation contractor lacks experience. These are Radon mitigation fails – improperly installed systems that beyond not fixing the problem, can actually cause harm to you and your family.

Building codes protect the bones of your home.

Hire a Radon Company that knows the Codes

Check out the picture below from a Radon system install completed by another company. Notice a problem? They cut through a load-bearing joist to vent the radon system! Cutting through a joist in this manner takes away its structural integrity, weakening everything above and adjacent to it, which is why it’s prohibited everywhere by building…

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Ask for references before choosing to hire a radon company near me.

A Radon Company Near Me Was Voted #1?

A customer asked me the other day, “how come your company wasn’t voted #1 for Radon in our area?” I did not have an answer for them, and said I would find out how that was possible. The long story short is that a company can make a false claim on Google Ads without much…

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Radon Fans Have to be Mounted Vertically

Just wanted to share a picture of a radon system installed in our area, by a certified radon company. Radon fans have to be mounted vertically. Otherwise, the inside fills up with water, which will end the Radon fans life early. Piping on the outside also needs to be vertical on a Radon system. A…

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They said “Go Hire a Plumber”

This just happened last week. I knew I had to post a blog about it. Here goes the story. Long story short (if that’s possible). We did some radon testing in a neighborhood last summer/fall. Some homes tested high for radon. We offered a discount, which we always do if multiple radon systems are to…

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You have got to be kidding

A potential customer called us a few days ago. He said he had a Radon system installed a few days ago. He has a home radon monitor. His radon numbers were still elevated. The company that installed his radon system didn’t want to come back, so he called us. Take a look at this radon…

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Another Improperly Installed Radon System

Received a call from a concerned customer who was purchasing a home. Turns out someone wanted the cheapest radon system money could buy for their home buyer and that is what the buyer got. First, the electrical does not meet code. This was just a cheap Radon system. Improperly installed cheap radon system – a…

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