Radon Poisoning

Radon poisoning is a long-term effect of Radon gas exposure. Browse this category archive to learn more about how Radon affects your health and the health of your loved ones.

We encounter some sad stories in the radon business.

The Toughest Part of the Radon Business

As we celebrate our nineteen years in the Radon business I’ve pondered what is the toughest part. Dealing with employee issues is not that hard because we really don’t have any. Dealing with irate customers is not hard, because again, we don’t really have any. What has been hard over the years in this Radon…

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Radon and lung cancer.

The Hardest Part of Running a Radon Business

The hardest part of my day. A few days ago I went to a home in Appleton to do an estimate for a Radon system. This is part of my duties while running the Radon business. After speaking with the owner for a while he let me know the reason I was there. His wife was…

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Does Radon Cause Leukemia?

Leukemia and Radon Based on research done by Gary G Schwartz and Marilyn G Klug and published by Future Medicine there is a strong possibility that exposure to radon increases the risk of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Check out their full paper on their research and their findings here. Exposure to radon over a long…

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5 Things You Should Know About Radon

5 things you should know about Radon 1. It’s the leading cause of Lung Cancer in nonsmokers. On average Radon is the result of 21,000 deaths each year. 2. It can be found almost everywhere in Wisconsin. Radon is found in 5-10% of the homes in Wisconsin above the US EPA guideline of 4 pCi/L….

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New Study on Radon Health Effects

How Radon Affects Your Health A new article has come out to show that Radon exposure has links to other blood cancers, such as leukemia. Here is a link to this article. New Radon Article Please share this information with anyone who has not tested their home yet for Radon. Every home should be tested….

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This is Why Radon is so Dangerous

This is why Radon is so dangerous. I recently attended the Semi-annual Wisconsin state Radon conference in Green Lake. One of the speakers was a woman who has survived Lung Cancer. What grabbed my attention so much is the events that led to her finding out she had lung cancer. To make a long story…

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