Chris Voigt

Chris.Chris was our first full time employee. I’ve known him since he was in elementary school. He was married in May of 2003 to his high school sweetheart, Brittany. They have two daughters: Hailey (7) and Carley (5).

Chris does excellent work and was long ago promoted to manager. He’s very particular and careful about everything he deals with because he takes pride in the finished product. Chris understands that a properly functioning Radon mitigation system is job one, but he’s also concerned with the aesthetics of each installation. He’s constantly on the lookout for ways to innovate and improve.

I have seen systems installed by other companies in our area and in other areas of the country. I’m biased of course, but the systems Chris has installed are the best I have seen. Chris became certified in October of 2003, which means he has passed the measurement and mitigation tests, is certified by NEHA, and his name is on the State of Wisconsin list. I consider him a rare find. It is hard to find someone who wants to learn, work hard, and be dedicated to our standards of quality. We are pleased to be building our business with him.

Pat Lewis

Pat.Pat is a Lieutenant in the Appleton Fire Department. Pat’s wife’s name is Christy and they have four children. Pat has been working for us part-time since October of 2001. He was also in the Air Force as a pilot.

Pat has a very outgoing personality and cares about his work. He is trained in how to install systems and certified by NEHA to conduct Radon tests. He is also my neighbor so I rely on him quite a bit when I am too busy for testing and estimates.

Shane Van Linn

Shane.Shane joined our team in March of 2007, after completing a tour in the US Navy. He’s a history and re-enactment buff, and has participated in several civil war re-enactments, even appearing as an extra in the 2003 civil war movie, “Gods and Generals.”

Shane is a highly skilled installer and an asset to the company. He gained his NEHA certification in 2008, meaning he is fully certifed for Radon mitigation.

Nick Marks

Nick Marks.Nick’s background in construction is helping him to fit right in with the rest of our team. He started working for us in May 2009 and is catching on quickly.

Nick grew up building fireplaces in his father’s business. He graduated in 2005, and is single, with no children. He owns his own home in Appleton.

Nick enjoys the simpler pleasures of life: long walks on the beach, donating to charities he cares about, and he loves kids and animals.